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October 2017 NFIP Regulatory Changes​

Table of Contents

  1. Revised Cancellation Refund Rules
  2. Tenants Contents-Only Policies
  3. Additional Resources

Flood Insurance for Commercial Properties

Table of Contents

  1. Flood insurance for commercial properties
  2. Flood insurance building classifications
  3. Non-residential buildings
  4. Other non-residential buildings
  5. NFIP general Property Form F-123
  6. Additional considerations for commercial properties
  7. Additional agent resources

NFIP Reauthorization and Reforms​

Table of Contents

  1. Reauthorization: What it means for consumers
  2. What to expect before September 30, 2017
  3. What agents need to know
  4. Additional resources

Making Sense of NFIP Regulatory Changes - April 2017​

Table of Contents

  1. Change Highlights
  2. Agent Alert
  3. Pre-FIRM Subsidized Policies
  4. Post-FIRM Rated Policies by Designated Flood Zone
  5. Clarifications for Pre-FIRM Substantially Improved Buildings



EZ Flood® – Overview​

Learn more about EZ Flood in this product overview video.


EZ Flood® – How to Quote

Learn how to quote EZ Flood in this instructional video.