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Private Flood Insurance Claims Resources for Agents​

At NFS Edge, the safety of our insureds is our top priority and we hope your clients never experience a loss as a result of a flood event. However, if they do, NFS Edge is here to help you guide them through the process and answer their questions.

Initial steps to follow should your client have damage as a result of a flood:

  • The policyholder should promptly contact our claims service center directly.
  • Contact information will vary, based on the product, as shown on this page.
  • Alternatively, as an agent, you may submit the claim on behalf of your policyholder.

What information is needed to report a claim?

  • Declaration page of the flood policy.
  • The date water entered the property and approximate water level.
  • Name of mortgage lender, if any.
  • Current personal contact information for the policyholder. If a home phone is unavailable, a mobile phone number or agent/friend/family member’s phone number will suffice.

Important actions to take when confronted with a loss from flood damage:

  • Protect the property from further damage or loss by following these steps:
    • Board up broken or damaged doors and windows using plywood or other suitable material.
    • Cover any roof openings with tarps, if it can be done safely.
    • Safely move, cover and protect personal property to prevent further damage.
    • In case of theft or vandalism, immediately notify local authorities.
  • Document damages:
    • Take a room by room inventory of damages to dwelling and all personal property.
    • Take photographs of all damaged areas and items.
    • If the carpet and pad have been saturated, you may need to cut and remove it. Save a small section (2 feet by 2 feet) to show the adjuster.
    • Follow the same procedure for saturated drywall.
  • Maintain an accurate record of repair costs:
    • Retain copies of paid invoices.
    • Keep receipts of expenditures made to repair and protect personal property.